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This document sets out the terms upon which we carry out physiotherapy work for our customers.

These terms and conditions apply not only to current work but also to all future work unless we write to you amending the terms. In this document and in any correspondence with you, "Director" means Kat Clarke, "We" and "Our" means Kat Clarke Physiotherapy & Associated staff and "You" and “Client” means the person who is our customer. Where we act for two or more customers jointly it is on the understanding that we are authorised to act on instructions of either, both or any of them.

Client Confidentiality: The physiotherapist / client relationship is founded on trust and in normal circumstances we will not discuss or disclose to any third party any information about a client or animal without either express or implied consent.  Consent for allowing us to speak freely with treating Veterinarians allows for improved team working and optimal treatment for your animals.

Ownership of records: We retain, as our property, all clinical records. Any veterinary surgeon or paraprofessional taking over a case may be forwarded copies of relevant records but only upon the request or consent of the client.

All data will be stored securely and kept for up to 7 years (professional requirement for insurance purposes) and will be used by Kat Clarke Physiotherapy for communication with you. Paper records will be stored securely in locked storage and electronic records will be stored on secure password protected cloud storage.

Veterinary Consent:  All animals will only be seen with the prior knowledge and consent of their veterinary surgeon as per the Veterinary Surgeon's Act 1966 and exemptions order 2015. Kat Clarke Physiotherapy may advise against physiotherapy treatment and will refer back to their veterinary surgeon for further investigation if deemed necessary.

Insurance:  We would respectfully remind you that our terms of payment mean that we are unable to accept direct payment from insurance companies.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct cover to reclaim expenses and to liaise with the insurance company on how to claim.  We will support you in completion of insurance forms and will provide invoices to support this.

Fees:  We calculate our fees on any consumables used, professional time and opinion. Should a written report be requested, we reserve the right to make a charge for this commensurate with the complexity of the report and information required; this fee would be agreed with client prior to competition of work. Fees will be listed on an invoice which will be produced after treatment. Session charges are kept up to date and current on our website and will be confirmed with you at time of booking.

Payments: Payment is required on the day by card/cash/cheque, or within 14 days by direct bank transfer (BACs).  BACs details can be found on your invoice, sent to you following your session.

Late Payments: In the unfortunate event of any difficulties in paying an invoice, please contact Kat to discuss the matter as soon as possible so that a suitable repayment plan can be arranged. Please be aware that any additional costs that might be incurred by Kat Clarke Physiotherapy in the process of having to recover outstanding treatment fees will be added to the balance of your account along with interest. Repeated missed payment targets will result in a small claims court matter.

Non Payment:  We reserve the right to pursue any unpaid accounts in any manner we deem appropriate. This may include the use of a debt collection service or civil proceedings. Any costs incurred by us in recovering unpaid accounts will be passed onto the respective client.

For failure to comply with our payment terms we reserve the right to withdraw our services and will give notice of this in writing.

Cancellations: Cancellation is free when made prior to 24hrs of the appointment. We understand that there may be extenuating circumstances forcing you to cancel your appointment. In other circumstances, if at least 24 hour's notice is not given, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the appointment charge.  In the event of repeat cancellations / missed appointments, Kat Clarke Physiotherapy reserves the right to request full payment of treatment fees in advance when re-booking. 

N.B. Cancellations due to COVID-19 self-isolation are currently exempt from any such charges, although it would still of course be appreciated to be given as much notice as you possibly can

Complaints: Our aim is to provide a first-class service. However, should you wish to discuss any problems you may have with our services we ask you, in the first instance, to address such issues to Kat Clarke (director) so an amicable resolution may be reached.

Data Protection/Marketing: In holding and using data about you, we will comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. In instructing us to treat your animal, you authorise us to use that data in the course of the work that we do for you. We will, where specifically required, pass on to Insurers details of clinical histories and case records relating to yourself or your animal. We will not divulge your details to other agencies except for debt collection purposes. In addition to our contractual services, we would like to process your Personal Information with your consent to send you information about other products and services available from the Practice. You will be asked for your consent when you register with the Practice and we will refresh your consent on a regular basis. You can change your mind at any time and unsubscribe or subscribe by talking to staff in our Practice or by following the links on any marketing emails you receive.

Coronavirus Restrictions: This is a changing policy influenced by high level Government decisions and guidance from our Governing Bodies.  You will be informed of current procedures and how we are keeping clients & staff safe prior to accepting your appointment.

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